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Somalia Denies Maritime Discussions with Ethiopia, Emphasizes Territorial Integrity

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The Federal Government of Somalia has denied reports of discussions of a maritime agreement with Ethiopia during the recent meeting between Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Kenyan President William Ruto in Nairobi.

Responding to media reports, the Somali government issued a statement urging stating that it prioritizes peace and stability in the region dismissing the reports saying they are “completely unfounded.”

State minister of foreign affairs Ali Omar via his social media account underscored Somalia’s unwavering stance on territorial integrity, emphasizing the nation’s resolve to uphold its sovereignty.

Kenya’s Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs Korir Sing’Oei labeled the publication by an international media agency claiming that such a discussion was held between Somalia and Kenyan leaders a complete misapprehension of Kenya’s stance on the issue.

Sing’Oei emphasized Kenya’s unwavering commitment to respecting the territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The controversy stems from an article by an international media agency suggesting that Kenya proposed a maritime treaty between Somalia and Ethiopia to alleviate ongoing tensions.

The tensions between the two countries begun after Ethiopia’s recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Regional Administration of Somaliland, which Somalia’s parliament has declared null and void, denouncing it as an act of aggression.

In response to the MOU, which granted Ethiopia access to the sea in exchange for recognizing Somaliland as a separate country, Somalia took decisive action last week, expelling the Ethiopian ambassador and recalled its own ambassador from Ethiopia.