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Somalia, Ethiopia Ink new Defense Pact

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | ADDIS ABABA: Somalia and Ethiopia have signed a new agreement that will see the two nations strengthen their defense cooperation and joint efforts to promote peace and security in the Horn of Africa.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was signed in Addis Ababa is a renewal of a previous agreement that signed in February, 2014.

The deal covers areas such as military training, intelligence sharing, counter-terrorism, maritime security, and humanitarian assistance.

The MoU also establishes Joint defense Committees, which will monitor and facilitate the implementation of the agreement and coordinate the activities of the two countries’ defense forces.

Defense Ministers from both nations hailed the renewed defense pact as a testament to the strong and strategic partnership between Somalia and Ethiopia, and a vital step towards enhancing the stability and prosperity of the region.

They also reaffirmed their commitment to work together to address the common challenges and threats facing their countries, such as terrorism, extremism, piracy, and climate change.