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Somalia, EU to Enhance Cooperation in Security Sector

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Somali and the European Union has agreed to strengthen cooperation as a way of advancing mutual interests between the two sides.

The deal was discussed during a  meeting between the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Somalia, Karin Johansson Federal Government of Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Mogadishu amidst Somalia’s efforts to boost security, development, and democracy.

According to brief statement by Villa Somalia, during the meeting, Ambassador Johansson reaffirmed the EU’s unwavering support for Somalia’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity, emphasizing the importance of respecting these fundamental principles in all endeavors.

President Mohamud echoed this sentiment, highlighting Somalia’s determination to chart its own course towards progress and prosperity.

Both sides acknowledged the significant strides made in tackling various challenges, including security threats and socio-economic development, while recognizing the need for sustained efforts to build upon these achievements.

They also reaffirmed their commitment to fostering closer collaboration and partnership between Somalia and the EU, with a focus on mutual interests and shared objectives.