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Somalia: Federal government denies entry to six Somali refugees deported from Norway

Storyline:National News

General-Gaafoow-- Tarxil

A plane carrying six Somali refugees forcefully deported from Norway landed at Adan Adde international airport earlier on Tuesday.

The federal government through its department of immigration and naturalization refused the refugees entry to the country.

Gen. Abdullahi Gaafow, the head of immigration and naturalization ordered the plane to return the Somali refugees to Norway adding that they will not accept people expatriated against their will.

Gen. Gaafow said that the government of Norway has notified the federal government of Somalia that its deporting Somali refugees to Somali hence the government see it as unlawful.

The reason behind the deportation of Somali refugees is not clearly known.

Earlier this year the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has deported over three hundred Somali nationals back to Somalia.