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Civil Aviation Authority rubbishes claims on flights ban to Kismayu

Storyline:National News, Security

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority has dismissed media reports that it suspended flights to Kismayu noting it only directed airlines to seek authorisation 24 hours ahead of departure.

Ahmed Moalim, the director of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, said there was no directive on flights being blocked from heading to Kismayo for three days but said the airline only informed the airlines to communicate ahead of travel.

“I have heard from the media that Kismayo is closed and the airlines cannot go, and it says until the 26th of September. It is normal, there is only a directive from the Somali government to seek clearance 24 hours before they leave for Kismayo and that is normal,” Ahmed Moalim said.

Hundreds of people who have been to Kismayo and those who have travelled to Mogadishu are reported to have delayed their trip, as the government blocked former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed from travelling to Kismayo on September 23rd.


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