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President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to be inaugurated next week

Storyline:National News

The inauguration of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is scheduled to take place on 22nd February, a presidential transition team has said.

Farmaajo was sworn in as 9th president of Somalia immediately after his predecessor Hassan Sheikh Mohamud conceded defear in the second round vote of the election.

In a statement on Monday signed by Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte, a eight member committee will oversee the inauguration of the newly elected president.

The members of the committee are, Abdullahi Ahmed Jama’a, Minister for Justice, Abdirisack Omar Mohamed, Internal security minister,  Abdirahman Odowaa, Interior minister, Ahmed Ali Kadiye deputy foreign minister, Mohamed Adan Fargeti, minister for Finance, Abdirahman Aynte, Minister for Planning, Saiid Hussein Iid, Minister of Livestock and Pasture and information minister Mohamed Hayir Mareeye.

President Farmajo is staying at the heavily secured Jazeera hotel, the same place where the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud  resided four years ago after he won the presidential election.

The hotel’s security is provided by specially trained Somali forces from the intelligence, the police, and the Danab commando unit.