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Somalia Independence Day Celebration

Storyline:National News

Anniversary celebration of 57th year of Independence took place last night in Mogadishu, Somalia to mark the unification of Somaliland and Southern Somalia for Independence.

The venue of the great event was addressed by distinguished guests.

Among them was the President of Somalia Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo who extensively spoke of the anniversary of 57th year since Independence as a result of joining hands between Northern and Southern regions of Somalia.

He envisioned that one day the same will happen where now the two divided parts will converge again and regain its stature that was lost during the 25 years of civil war.

President Famajo cited that his administration is determined on to reinstate the lost trustworthiness in the country.

He also noted that Somaliland will not be allowed to break away from the rest of the country and they are in the process of initiating talks with them.

It was in 1st July, 1960 when Somaliland under British rule and Southern Somalia colonized by Italy were united to create greater Somalia but the former sought autonomy immediately after civil war that started in the early 1990s though not yet internationally recognized.