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Somalia: interior minister and delegation arrives Bulo-Burte

Storyline:National News

Godah BareMinister for interior and federalism Abdullahi Qodah Bare and delegation reached Bulo-Burte district in Hiran region earlier today.

The aim of the delegates’ visit to Bulo-Burte is to supervise the security situation of the town and solve the clan clashes that killed more than 20 people  in some parts of Hiran region.

The minister and his delegates are taking closed door meeting Bulo-Burte administration, elders and intellectuals as our correspondent in Hiran region reports.

Bulo-Burte town is among the 10 towns captured by government forces and African union peace-keeping troops earlier this year after Al-shabab withdrew from the town.

Unconfirmed reports from the region states that the minister might also visit Eel-Buur district in Galgadud region.

Last week government committe led by assistant minister for interior and federalism  Abdirahman Bangah reached Beledweyne to end the bloody clan clashes in Defow locality.