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One person killed, three injured in KDF airstrikes in Gedo

Storyline:National News, Security

Kenya Defence Forces fighter jets launched major air strikes against Al Shabaab camps in the outskirts of El Wak in Gedo region southern Somalia Wednesday.

Locals said the strikes led to civilian casualties and forced some families to flee their homes for safety.

“The strikes hit Tuulan-qurac village early this morning killing one of the elders in the village while three others were injured among them a mother and her child,” Mahad Hassan an elder told Goobjoog News.

An estimated six families of the small village have fled from their homes since the KDF target the area in the last few days, the residents said adding the Kenyan forces conduct similar strikes twice a month.

The militant camps targeted by KDF airstrikes have been used to mount attacks on the Somali National Army and AMISOM troops near the Kenya-Somalia border.

Gedo residents have in the past complained that some of the strikes have targeted civilians and livestock.

The Kenyan forces were also accused of rape and extra-judicial killings in Gedo region last week.

Goobjoog News