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Somalia, Kenya Ink New Deal to Resume Khat Business


GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI: Somalia and Kenya have renewed their Khat business agreement that marks a significant step towards economic cooperation between the two countries.

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock Mithika Linturi while making the announcement said the new agreement presents immense economic benefits for the two neighboring nations.

Linturi said Kenya will resume exporting Khat to Somalia on May 8th and that the deal will not only bolster economic ties but also creates a regulatory framework for the business, adding that Kenya has pledged to protect the interests of those involved in the Khat trade.

In recent years, disputes have emerged in the khat business between Somalia and Kenya, leading to a suspension of trade activities which negatively impacted various stakeholders, from farmers to exporters, affecting their daily lives and income.

The latest agreement involved a discussion between the two nations over tax which was key among the factors that created a dispute in the trade.

The new agreement therefore signifies a fresh start in bilateral trade, with discussions ongoing to formalize and implement the agreed-upon terms.