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Somalia makes significant steps towards joining EAC

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI: Somalia has achieved a significant milestone in its quest to join the East African Community (EAC) and further contribute to regional integration.

Following a week-long meeting held at the Kenya School of Government in Nairobi, Kenya, Somalia and EAC’s lead negotiators ironed out the remaining parts of the deal and are set to release a final report which will be presented to Somalia’s Council of Ministers for deliberations.

The report will then be forwarded to the East African Heads of States for consideration ahead of the November 2023 Summit which will determine the fate of Somalia’s push join the regional bloc.

The conclusion of the recent negotiations in Nairobi has renewed Somalia’s optimism to achieving this milestone.

Somalia’s special envoy to the EAC Abdusalam Hadliyeh Omer acknowledged relentless efforts and commitment by all stakeholders towards Somalia’s efforts to achieve its dream to join the bloc.

“These negotiations have exemplified a shared dedication to building bridges, reinforcing regional bonds, and propelling mutual growth—a testament to the collaborative spirit among member states.”

The Envoy said Somalia recognizes the various challenges in harmonizing policies and regulations across the diverse economies and political landscapes in the region saying Somalia remains steadfast in its resolve to actively confront these hurdles.

“The commitment to working harmoniously with fellow member states to discover mutually advantageous solutions is unwavering,” he noted.

Socio-economic Development

The prospect of joining the EAC holds tremendous potential for Somalia’s socio-economic development and fosters regional collaboration while at the same time opens doors to a larger market, invites investment, and kindles economic growth.

Also,  EAC membership paves the way for deeper collaboration in crucial sectors such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and healthcare, through the sharing of expertise, best practices, and resources to enable member states address shared challenges and uplift their citizens’ quality of life.