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Somalia Marks 55th Anniversary Of British Somaliland Independence

Storyline:National News




On like this day on June 26th in 1960 British colonizers have granted Somali Northern regions for full independence from United Kingdom after nearly on a century of occupation.

A well organized event to commemorate the day was held in Mogadishu; Somali president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, premier Omar Abdirashid, parliament members and other figures of civil society were among the crowed that come to celebrate this day at Visho Governo in Mogadishu, same place where Somalia’s National flag hoisted 55 year ago.

Popular Somali bands performed marvellous songs such as national anthem, patriotic songs which jogged the memory of people back early days of independence struggle and current shape of the country.

Making a speech in the event, Somali president has congratulated Somali Nation and hoped prosper future for the country.

On July 1st the country will mark the South and North (British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland) Unification day.

Somaliland which makes the British Somaliland territory maintains secessionist aspiration since the collapse of Somali Military regime in 1991.
Somalia remains to be seen one of the least countries to have benefited the independence opportunities in the continent