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Somalia: military court executes four Al-shabab members

Storyline:National News


Somali military court has on Thursday executed four members of al-shababab Caawiye Ahmed jamaa aged 25 years, Mustaf Mohamud Shidane aged 22 years, Abdinasir Khalif Mohamed aged 21 years and Nur Abdule Awale also aged 21 years. They were earlier sentenced to death.

The execution occurred at general Kaahiye police training academy, senior officials of the military and the relatives of the men were present during the execution.

Two of the killed men were accused of killing government soldier and pleaded guilty according to the court officials.

The third man was behind explosion in Maka Al-Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu where over three people were killed, while the fourth man was caught while in possession of a mortar in Daynile district by security forces on patrol.

The security of the execution site was fully maintained as all roads entering the area blocked.