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Somalia military court: military commanders will be held accountable of any transgression conducted by the soldiers

Storyline:National News

Somali military court has sent warnings to armed militias dressed in military uniform that normally set up checkpoints and rob passengers.

Military court chairman Hassan Ali Shuute stated that they put in place a mobile court that is tasked to deal with security threats and support the security committee in the region.

Mr Shuute reiterated that anyone caught endangering the lives of the public particularly the passengers and drivers along the roads will face justice on the spot.

As government forces are accused of behind the increasing roadblocks, the chairman noted that the military commanders in every area will be held accountable of any transgression done by the soldiers under their control.

Passengers, drivers and public transport owners complain of an increased number of illegal checkpoints set by armed militias dressed in military uniform.

The drivers are forced to pay large amount of money, failure to pay the passengers on board of the vehicles are robbed.

The Martial Court judge was speaking after delivering judgement against 10 soldiers whom the court found quilty  of robbing civilians, the court sentenced the soldiers to 10 years imprisonment, and acquitted 3 others.

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