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Somalia: Military court send warnings to the armed militia who set roadblocks

Storyline:National News

Somali military court has sent warnings to the armed militia and government soldiers who set illegal roadblocks

The newly appointed military court chairman Col. Hassan Ali Noor Shuute holding press conference in Mogadishu on Monday stated that the court will sentence to death anyone court setting illegal checkpoints on the roads connecting the capital city, Mogadishu to other regions.

The chairman also said the individuals who rob and dangers the lives of the passengers while dressed in military uniform will also face similar penalty.

The remarks of the military court chairman comes a time when the passengers, drivers and public transport owners have complaining of an increased number illegal checkpoints set by armed militias dressed in military uniform.

The drivers declared that they go on strike if the federal government fails to take immediate action to remove the roadblocks.

The federal government has promised to carry out operations to remove roadblocks in the outskirts of the capital city but nothing was done.