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Somalia Minister “Somaliland Leaders fear public wrath” if they change Somaliland policies and politics

Storyline:National News

Minister of information of the federal government, Mohamed Abdi Hayir stated Somaliland leader should change with time and instead of urging something past better develop the country and bring milestone steps to the communities that choose them as a leader.

“Somaliland youth come to Mogadishu looking for passports, licenses, national certifications and academic accreditations which they could not be provided by their conscripted leadership. I urge that the truth must be squarely faced and accepted,” he said.

“Somaliland has pursued ineffectual, barren stand-alone policy for the past 28 years. This only increased to lock up the public and development initiatives in solitary confinement in East Africa which they could not reach again the rest of the world, I call on Somaliland and its leaders to join the passing tide of development, peace, stability and forward-looking regional trends,” he said.

Somaliland residents claimed former Somali president, Mohamed Siyad Bare’s regime carried out discriminations and killing civilians without any guilty during bare’s governors in Somalia.

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