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Somalia Non State Actors Calls Government to Intervene Guri El Clashes

Storyline:National News

soscensa1The umbrella body of Somalia’s non state actors SOSCENSA has called for warring sides in Guri El to immediately cease fire without condition, so that people would live in peace.

Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwa of SOSCENSA told Goobjoog News that there is an urgent need for federal government to intervene the situation and help solve it.

“We as the civil society we dislike any clashes, people are tired of conflicts, hundreds of thousands of people died because of this, more people were disabled, and more than that were displaced. The fighting in Guri El is not exceptional, it’s very disheartening” Said Shirwa.

SOSCENSA which is well known for its mediation efforts in the past is now engaged in solving these clashes.

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