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Somalia Participates in Arab League Session for Finance Ministers in Bahrain


GOOBJOOG NEWS | MANAMA: Federal Government of Somalia’s Finance Minister Bihi Iman Ige led a Somali delegation to the 33rd session of the Finance Ministers of the Arab League held in Manama, Bahrain.

The session, which convened finance ministers from across the Arab world, focused on a range of important topics aimed at bolstering economic ties and fostering stable growth within Arab states.

The forum was also convened to enhance cooperation and strengthen economies of Arab nations by promoting the development of various sectors and creating educational opportunities and securing funding for higher education.

Minister Ige representing Somalia, through is X account highlighting the importance of the session in relation to Somalia’s economic advancement.

The minister’s participation proves Somalia’s commitment to engaging with international partners to drive economic progress and stability.

The Arab League’s finance ministers’ meeting shows the collective resolve to pursue sustainable economic policies and strategies that can benefit all member states.