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Somalia participates in International Civil Aviation Summit for the first time


The Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Mohamed Abdullahi Salad attended the United Nations International Conference on Civil Aviation (ICAO) at the City of Ontario.

The minister accompanied by the director of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, Ahmed Moalim Hassan, was warmly welcomed, as Somalia has been out of the country for a long time.

“We are really in a country seen by ICAO rule, any sign of the agency’s Somalia needs air to go there.” Minister Oomaar said.

Somalia and the meeting countries have important implications for the company, such as networking, getting to know each other, aiding, negotiating, providing training and introducing new civil aviation technologies.

The minister also said that they are holding account of the two decades of operations conducted by the Somali Air Force in Nairobi, Kenya.

The ICAO’s 193-member conference is held every three years at the Ontario Canada Civil Aviation Authority, the first meeting in Somalia since 1991.

Other Federal Government delegates are expecting to join the conference in the coming hours.

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