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Somalia Petroleum Minister “Kenya Cannot Do Oil Exploration Inside Our Maritime Borders”

Storyline:National News

Mohamed MokhtarThe minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Mohamed Mokhtar who gave en exclusive interview to Goobjoog has talked tough about Somali-Kenya maritime dispute.

He said Somalia would not allow Kenya to do oil exploration or drilling in Somalia’s maritime border and would do everything to stop any activity there.

He also insisted that Somalia would press ahead with its case at the International Justice Court in Hague despite claims by Kenya about out of court settlement with Somalia.

On the other hand the minister has addressed some oil companies that operate illegally in parts of Somalia without the consent of federal government, he said they successfully deterred some of them and forced to withdraw but there are new ones coming to fill the gap.

He warned the oil companies of harsh response from the federal government if the go against the wishes of the government.

However the minister has said that they formed a task team drawn from regional administrations to discuss resources sharing mechanism between the federal government and the regional administration.

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