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Somalia regains the management of its airspace after more than two decades

Storyline:National News

The Federal government of Somalia has officially taken over the management of the airspace after talks with care taker authority in Montreal, Canada.

The minister for transportation and civil aviation of federal government Said Jama’a Qorshel addressing the local media out let after touching down at Adan Adde international airport on Wednesday said the government signed an agreement of taking the management of the airspace with  international civil aviation organization (ICAO) on 4th December.

He stated that the plans to hand over the airspace to the government’s hand has taken time but finally came rigorous efforts made by the government.

The minister said it is a great day when Somalia has regained its long lost control and management of its air space.

Finally the minister underlined the various equipments and technology meant for the operation of the airspace has been put in place adding that the building of the main tower is underway.