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Somalia: The motion against PM Abdiweli stopped as parliament resolves the rift

Storyline:National News

The speaker of federal parliament of Somalia Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari holding press conference said the rift between the top leaders of Somalia will be resolved through dialogue and compromise.

He stated that the members of the parliament who filed no confidence motion against PM Abdiweli agreed to suspend the motion and instead give room for discussion between the leaders.

Mr. Jawari confirmed that the leaders are taking separate meetings aimed to end the differences in Villa Somalia.

He urged the members of federal parliament to completely take part in the resolution of the political infighting between the PM Abdiweli and president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The members of federal parliament split into two with one group supporting president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the other group supporting PM Abdiweli.

The tensions between the leaders broke out last month when the prime minister re-shuffled the cabinet and the president issued a statement saying PM Abdiweli had not consulted him on the changes and declared them unconstitutional.