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Somalia to Enjoy Duty-Free Trade in EAC Once it Completes Integration Process

Storyline:Business, National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS/ARUSHA: Goods from Somalia into other East African Community states will soon cease to attract duty once the Horn of Africa nation completes the necessary requirements for full integration into the bloc.

This emerged following the conclusion of an orientation process of Somali officials into the functioning of the East Africa Community following Somalia’s ascension into the eight-member bloc in March.

According to the EAC charter, the lock comprises four pillars four pillars, Customs Union, Common Market, Monetary Union and Political Federation. Through the orientation, the Somali officials were taken through the working of the Customs Union and Common Market.

The delegation led by Presidential Special Envoy on EAC Dr. Abdusalam Omer were also inducted into the the functions of the EAC decision making organs, including the Summit, Council of Ministers, high-level task force, and organs of the EAC and how they operate.

The roadmap outlines essential activities categorised into national and community-oriented initiatives. These include aligning Somalia’s legal framework with established regional standards that would ensure its participation in EAC programmes and activities.

Once Somalia is fully integrated into the EAC, it will enjoy free movement of goods and persons within the region. Its goods will no longer attract duty within the EAC, among other benefits.