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Somalia to reclaim fishing vessels in private hands- marines minister

Storyline:National News
Ports and Marine Minister Mayran Aweys Jama (2nd left) with Marine officials during at Marine Academy Sept 25, 2017. Photo: Goobjoog News

Somalia will reclaim its fishing vessels in private hands both locally and abroad as it seeks to rebuild its marine  sector, Ports deputy Minister Osman Dallo said Monday.

The deputy minister said the government was working on repossessing the ships and trawlers most of which were taken by individuals and companies abroad but did not give specific mention to any country.

Addressing students at the Marine Academy in Mogadishu, Dallo added the government will also acquire new ships.

“The ministry will make sure to bring back the ones (ships) working into the hands of the government and new ones too. The countries blundering our sea resources have been doing so since we were in civil war but now we need education to counter them,” said Dallo.

Speaking in the same function, Admiral Farah Qare, the chairman of Somali Marine Academy called for more funding of the academy to provide quality education to the trainees adding that the academy was encouraging more students to take up marine courses.

“We know people don’t like marine studies because there is no project going on about the sea as a result of insecurity in the ocean. So we decided to make the centre tuition free to attract students and we are still doing it. If the four faculties are fully funded, Somalia will be self-sufficient in managing its ocean.

Federal Minister for Ports and Marine Maryan Awes Jama noted was registering all its assets to ensure it benefits the Somali people.

“We know some of the government centres are not in our hands but my ministry is busy registering the assets and how to bring back them to be used to benefit the Somali people. I personally pass my deep gratitude to the Somali parents and teachers who strived to educate the Somali children through volunteerism. As a ministry, we shall endevour to secure the assets, funds and centres to facilitate the education process” said Jama