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Somalia: Women affairs minister visits conjoined twins in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Mataano isku dhagan

The minister for women and human right affairs of federal government of Somalia Khadija Mohamed Diriye visited the parents of two conjoined twins that were admitted to Ibnu Sinaa hospital in Mogadishu.

The twin are conjoined at the stomach and thighs and share a single liver as the health officials confirmed to the media during the visit of the minister.

The health officials confirmed that the case of the twins is  critical and can’t be operated locally and needs to be referred to either Saudi Arabia or Germany for their separation.

The parents told Khadija that the visit of a minister or a top government official can do nothing as the case of their new born twins need immediate action.

Women affairs Minister Mrs Khadija said, their purpose of visiting  the twins is to know their health situation and to find ways to assist them by quickly contacting the embassies of the named countries.

This is a rare case in Somalia and is usually seen as a miracle which calls for immediate repentance to God.