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Somalia:Parliamentary interior committee warn of fresh violence caused by the new administrations in country

Storyline:National News

Amin essowThe parliamentary committee of interior and security warned fresh violence that might be caused by the establishment of new administrations in the country.

The vice chairman of the committee Dahir Amin Jessow stated that all the established administrations in the country are unconstitutional adding that the federal government should time and act according to the provincial constitution of the country.

Mr. Jessow also stated that the newly formed regional state has created tensions and misunderstanding between regional states in the country.

He reiterated that the committee will leave no stone un turn until the forming administrations will act as per to the constitution of Somalia.

The remarks of Amin Jessow comes a time when Puntland has announced that it has cut ties with the Federal Government of Somalia following the announcement of the formation of new administration in the Central regions of Somalia which Puntland termed it as unconstitutional and consequently unacceptable to the Government and people of Puntland.