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 Somalia’s ambassador to India attend the meeting for Deforestation


India’s 14th United Nations Conference on Deforestation of Drought, environment and Climate Change has opened in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the launch with Somali Ambassador to India Faaduma Abdullahi Mohamud and Director General of the Environment and Climate Change Office of the Prime Minister Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed at the conference, as well as the senior political advisor to the President,  Mr Ali Daud.

The conference was convened more than 196 countries, 100 different representatives and environmental stakeholders, as well as a series of separate meetings, mainly focused on the environment, climate and geography of the investigators are doing, most of the officials who spoke at the conference were talking about polluted weather and finding solutions.

On behalf of the Somali government, Ambassador Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud said the Ministry of Air needs to be reduced air pollution, to create opportunities for resources and increase energy efficiency.

The United Nations Conference on Environmental Deforestation and Reducing Drought will continue until 13 September, with a focus on environmental issues and climate change.

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