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Somalia’s foreign policy has greatly improved

Storyline:National News

It is with great pride that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion of the Federal Republic of Somalia presents the nation’s foreign policy to the world today.

Somalia’s foreign policy is built on the pillars of promoting national, regional and international peace and security through effective participation in bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. This is coupled with the implementation of obligations regarding international treaties and conventions and the promotion of commercial and economic activities for sustainable development.

Somalia’s first drafted foreign policy has its roots in collaboratively working to ensure peace, progress and prosperity in the region and the world. This approach is aimed at ensuring Somalia can forge mutually beneficial partnerships to tackle the greatest challenges of today’s world such as sustainable development, environmental protection, promoting and protecting human rights and confronting terrorism.

Somalia, in fulfilling the objectives of the foreign policy, will work with all partners to ensure successful implementation of our vision for national, regional and international progress.

Somalia’s foreign policy is clear in its neutrality and its commitment to the protection of Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.