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Somalia’s health ministry : no cases of Ebola virus in the country

Somalia’s health ministry denied reports that cases of Ebola virus were seen in some parts of the country.

The director of health ministry Abdiqani Ali stated the reports aired and posted by the media were mistaken adding that no Ebola cases found in Somalia.

He reiterated the ministry has made efforts to proof wrong the wrong reports, he affirmed that suspected person had tested negative for the virus.

Dr. Yasin Ahmed Noor among the doctors who carried the test told Goobjoog FM that a group of doctors from the ministry visited Bula Shirey locality 65 KM South West of capital Mogadishu to carry test on the suspected individual but to their surprise they found a very healthy and energetic person with no signs of Ebola.

On his side the out-going minister for health Ali Hareed said the reports that Ebola cases found in Somalia are propaganda far from truth meant to threaten people.

He added that the ministry is able to prevent the spread of the virus through strict measures at the entry points, airports, ports and the normal migration.

18th December last year Siera Leone troops among the peace-keeping forces backing the federal government of Somalia withdrew from the country over fear of Ebola virus.

The outbreak of Ebola virus started in the West African nation of Guinea. It then began spreading to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Ebola has rapidly grown into what could become a global epidemic with a potential capacity to wipe out millions.