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Somalia’s medical experts stick to COVID 19 patients’ treatment over Eid days

Storyline:National News

The Muslim holiday observed after the end of Ramadhaland mark with celebrations, gathering of family and friends, but in 2020 is unsuitable due to coronavirus disaster and restrictions.

Somali medical experts this holiday preferred to continue treating and making self-quarantine in the hospitals during public celebrations for the Eid days this year.

One of the doctors, Fardowso Mohamed Hassan, a 27-year-old nurse who spoke VOA said that while she was on duty at the isolation center marked Eid away from her husband.

“I am happy to be doing a life-saving job, which is more important than a celebration of any kind,” said Fardowso. “Although I did not celebrate with my husband, friends and relatives, it made my day to take time with my patients and my colleagues at work,” Fardowsa said.

So far Somalia registered more than 1,500 COVID 19 cases, the doctors spent the whole month of Ramadhan in hospitals without families or friends serving and saving the life of COVID 19 patients throughout wearing protective cloths instead of new fashion clothes and shoes for the celebration Eidul Fitri.

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