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Somaliland cabinet divided over arrest of Horn Stars Band members

Storyline:National News

The detention of Horn Stars Band members who performed in Mogadishu last week has divided the Somaliland cabinet as some ministers are said to have expressed dissent over the move to arrest the journalists.

Somaliland’s interior minister, Ali Mohamed Waran-Adde and several other ministers met following the arrest of Nimaan Hilaa, Hamda Queen, Mahamed Ahmed Bakaal and Abdirahman Aydiid, upon return to Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, from Mogadishu.

Sources close to the administration have confirmed to Goobjoog News that some of the ministers of that administration have opposed the detention of the four.
Addressing the journalists in Hargeisa, the chairman of the Horn Stars Band, Hassan Suleiman said that the singers were arrested three days ago were arraigned before the Maroodi Jeeh regional court.

The judges ruled there was no case to answer since they were arrested without a warrant and that the prosecution did not present compelling evidence to sustain the case. There were accusations that one of the musicians, Hamda Queen had covered herself with the flag of Somalia raising claims they were displaying their allegiance to the South even as Somaliland has sought to dissociate itself with.

However the musicians have denied the claims alleging that the photo had been manipulated to trump up charges against them.

Suleiman told the media the detention was illegal and ‘very unfortunate’. “Despite the ruling by the court that there was no case, we are still being held illegally,” said Suleiman.

Meanwhile Somalis across the globe have criticized  Somaliland authorities in the social media over the detention of the musicians.
Famous Somali female singer Farxiya Kabayare has slammed Somaliland authorities for the move.
Kabayare said music and Somali language has no border in a video she posted in her face book page.
On his part Federal Government of Somalia Minister of Planning Abdirahman Ainte has faulted Hargeisa saying Mogadishu should not be different from Jigjiga in Ethiopia and Djibouti referring to band recent performance in these two neighbouring countries.