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Somaliland appoints new representative to Ethiopia

Storyline:National News

The president of the breakaway Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Siilanyo has appointed new representative to Ethiopia.
In presidential decree issues from Siilanyos office has affirmed that Mohamud Adan Jama’a Galaal will be the officer representing Somaliland in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa with immediate effect.
Galal replaces Aden Nuuh Duule his predecessor who resigned from the office in Addis Ababa recently.
Somaliland is a self-declared state which did not recognized internally though it has won restoration of peace and stability, as Hargeisa serves its capital administrative.
Somaliland lies in northwestern Somalia, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden.
It is bordered by the autonomous Puntland region of Somalia to the east, Djibouti to the northwest, and Ethiopia to the south and west.
On 18th May 1991, the local government, led by the SNM, declared independence from the rest of Somalia.