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Somaliland appoints former diplomat Adna Aden special envoy to secession talks with Somalia

Storyline:National News
Adna Adan served as Somaliland Foreign Minister between 2003 and 2006. File Photo: Wilson Centre

 Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has appointed former diplomat Adna Adan Ismail Special Envoy to negotiations with Somalia which collapsed in March 2015.

President Silanyo announced in a decree Tuesday the appointment of Adna who served as foreign affairs minister in the break-away region between 2003 and 2006 signaling a return to talks which failed to kick off in Turkey March 2015 following differences between the two factions over the venue.

The appointment of Adna considered one of the foremost actors in the Somaliland political process having served as minister and spouse to the region’s first president Haji Ibrahim Egal is critical in jumpstarting a process which has stalled over the years.

Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in 1991 following the collapse of government but is yet to gain international recognition.

Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation will closely work with the envoy in her official duties, the decree read.

Adna was born on September 8, 1937 in Hargeisa and took her tertiary education in London South Bank University where she is said to be ‘the first Somali girl’ to study in Britain.

Talks between Somaliland and Somalia started in 2012 following the election of President Silanyo. The London Conference in February, 23 2012 was attended by the Transitional Federal Parliament and Somaliland. Subsequent meetings were held in Dubai, Djibouti and Turkey.

Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister Sad Ali Shire told House of Elders early last year his government would return to table soon.