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Somaliland discards its earlier decision of rejecting Somali refugees from Yemen

Storyline:National News




Somaliland authorities have recently announced that they re-released in Yemen after fleeing from the area after the area had been ordered to put them in areas they control.

The proclaimed republic Somaliland authorities have recently announced that the boats carrying Somali refugees who are running away from violence can dock at Somaliland’s ports.

In a joint press conference held by Somaliland ministers for interior, resettlement and deputy ministers for health, social affairs has state that Somaliland will receive refugees fleeing from Yemen which became home for ferocious fighting between the internationally recognized government and the Houthis, who have taken control of large swaths of Yemen.

Interior Minister Ali Mohamed Waran-Adde said that after having discussion with UNHCR and IOM on the matter the refugees who are pouring into Somaliland’s ports, their administration decided let boats carrying refugees to dock at Somaliland’s harbours.
It was 24th may this year when the administration of the breakaway Somaliland issued statement rejecting to receive boats carrying Somalis from Yemen.
Somaliland minister for interior, Ali Mohamed Waran-Adde who spoke to the media on that day said that they will no longer accept boats from Yemen to dock at their harbours.

“NGOs and Humanitarian aid agencies have fail to respond and help those poor families from Yemen who have nothing to eat or drink, our country is very young which cannot support this large number of refugees, from today on, as Somaliland Administration, we decided to stop boats loaded with Somalis, from docking at our ports” he said.

This is a resurrected hope which will be relieved for the Somalis from Yemen as they will get short en route to reach their mother land.