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Somaliland executes three people including female for murder

Storyline:National News

Somalia’s breakaway region of Somaliland has executed three prisoners including a female in Mandera town on Sunday.

The three were killed by a firing squad on Sunday in a jail after being sentenced to death on early April last year (2015), the court officials confirmed to the media.

Two of the prisoners were reportedly killed Ruqiya Siad Ayanle whose body was unearthed from Shallow grave inside a house owned by Muna Mohamed Abdullahi, eight days after she went missing, according to the court statement.

Muna Mohamed and her son were convicted murderers and were executed at Mandera maximum prison.

Meanwhile ex-Somaliland soldier who was convicted for the murder of fellow soldier was also executed.

This week a military court in Somaliland executed six people who were accused of murder.

The European Union, the United Nations and human rights campaigners have all urged Somalia and Somaliland authorities to reinstate the moratorium.

Somaliland unilaterally declared independence in 1991 when Somalia’s central government in Mogadishu collapsed. The international community does not recognize Somaliland as a separate country.