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Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) speaks out about the detention of Goobjoog News Ali Omar Hassan Sabriye

Storyline:National News


The organization for Journalists in Somaliland known as SOLJA spoke to Somaliland Police over the detention of Goognjoog News journalist Ali Omar Hassan.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the director of the SOLJA organization Mohamud Abdi Jama’a cited of their contact with Somaliland police who said that the arrest is in its early stages and will divulge more information later.

Mohamud pointed out that they are ready for discussion with the security officers if the detained journalist is captured over media issue and can instantly prove that he is a free journalist working for a private media group that has no any affiliation with the government.

Omar who is a Goobjoog News reporter has been working lately at the headquarters of Goobjoog News premise in Mogadishu.

He was arrested upon arrival at Hargeysa, the capital of breakaway Somaliland by the local police.

The administration of Goobjoog News Media Group is requesting the authorities of Somaliland to release journalist Omar without conditions.

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