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Somaliland responses the allegations of Somali government over Chinese company in Awdal Region

Storyline:National News

The Ministry of energy and Mineral of the breakaway Somaliland has strongly condemned yesterday’s press statement from the Somalia Federal Government’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, which was about a Chinese compan ycalled ARC illegally mining for minerals in the Simodi mountain ranges in the Awdal region of Somalia.

Hussein Abdi Duale , Minister for energy and Mineral of Somaliland speaking to media in Hargeisa said that Somalia government has violated the Somaliland’s territorial integrity.

He blamed the government aiming to incite violence among the residents of regions of Somaliland.

“It is clear that the government of Somalia wants to block the developments and the security processes that Somaliland has achieved and it is not the first time but they also blocked progresses that we wanted extract minerals our land earlier times” Mr. Duaale said.

Minister Duaale stated that the federal government Somalia has provoked confrontation of the residents of Sool and Sanaag region and they are now intending to create enmity among Awdal residents.

“The security that they say to be conserved , is not from Mogadishu but it is has been restored by people of Somaliland. Mogadishu has to restore the security of their people whom are being protected by tanks of foreign forces, where every day, some of its people are being targeted with bombs but the security of Somaliland is not their business and we are enough to conserve ours” added the minister.

He warned the federal government of Somalia once again against provocations and interfering the internal affairs of Somaliland and called upon the international community to mediate the federal government of Somalia and Somaliland.

When he asked if this can have an impact on the dialogue between the two, he said that it may have impact on it as the federal government of Somalia already interfered the internal affairs Somaliland.

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