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Somaliland Says Its Airspace Would Not Be Used By Saudi-Led Coalition to Attack Yemen

Storyline:National News

Flag_of_Somaliland.svgSomaliland ministry of air transport and aviation has issued a statement rejecting the authorization by Somalia federal government that air and naval bases in Somalia to be used by the Saudi-led coalition to launch attacks on Yemen.

Minister Mohamoud Hashi Abdi said in his statement that Somaliland would never a lot any country to use its air and naval bases to attack other country.

The statement called upon the international community to find an amicable solution to the crises in Yemen instead of airstrikes.

In a swipe to Somalia Federal government, the statement reminded the government to accommodate other people with what they have in their possession, meaning bases in Somaliland are not under the control of federal government and couldn’t give authorization for its use.

Mogadishu based federal government has on Tuesday confirmed for the first time that it allowed the Saudi-led coalition to use Somalia airspace and naval bases to attack Yemen.

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