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Somaliland Speaker: I will not step down until the exact date of elections be announced

Storyline:National News

Abdirahman Irro

The speaker of Somaliland parliament and the chairman of the opposition party Wadani Abdirahman Mohamed Irro hold press conference in Hargeisa, he discussed wide range issues including the no confidence motion tabled against him and the upcoming Somaliland elections.

He noted that he will not step down until the exact date of Somaliland elections will be announced confirming his candidacy for Somaliland presidential elections.

The speaker also underlined that he will agree any decision taken by the Guurti delegates led by Suleiman Mohamud, the speaker of Somaliland upper house in-between the sides.

The speaker also described the arrest of Somaliland MPs and journalists as unlawful and intolerable.

The disagreement of Parliament’s low chambers, the House of Representatives has been postponed for two days.
This move made possible by the elders from the upper chamber of Guurti helped discourage the tabling of a motion of no confidence against speaker Abdirahman Irro led by lawmakers from the ruling party, Kulmiye.