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Somalis to call across networks by January

Storyline:Business, National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU: Somalis will now be able to make phone calls across networks from January 2023 following the signing of an agreement between telecommunications companies on Monday.

The agreement which was overseen by the industry regulator, National Communications Authority (NCA) will now bring down the wall that has for the longest confined subscribers to one telco or forced them to maintain several SIM cards.

NCA General Manager, Mustafa Yasin Sheikh said the agreement was a product of a series of discussions with telcos which have now established the framework to allow customers calls across all networks. Yasin Sheikh noted that the agreement also resolved the Mobile Termination Rates (CTR) but did not indicate the standard MTR threshold.

“In addition to the interconnection agreement being a requirement and a right for the customer, it is also an important benchmark for the growth of the telecommunications market and the investment in technology and innovation, and I hope that this agreement will put an end to discussions that have lasted since the inception of telecom companies in the country,” said Yasin Sheikh.

Minister of Communications and Technology Jama Hassan Khalif,  said the deal ‘breaks the walls between the mobile operators in Somalia, a restriction that has long impeded the Somali citizen’s ability to communicate more efficiently.’

According to the agreement, the cross-network rule will come into effect in January 10, 2023, while the whole process will conclude in February 2023.