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Some 5,000 children vaccinated on Polio campaign

Storyline:National News

polioAt least 5000 children in Buur-dhubo town and its villages have benefited from three-day polio vaccination campaign since earlier 2014.
Hussein Ali, health worker in Bur-Dhubo told Goobjoog news that they have carried out polio vaccination compaing in the town and areas under its administration.
He added “the traditional elders in the areas have put great effort get polio vaccination for their children”
He underlined that it has taken long time before parents were convinced to take part in vaccination campaign and take their children to the vaccination centres, adding that there are several villages which the vaccination did not reach due insecurity.
Transmission of the wild poliovirus has also never been stopped in many parts of the world but African countries are still wrestling with it.
In Somalia, progress has been made over the last few years to stem the spread of the virus. The focus for the government and all of the polio partners has shifted to missed children. Vaccinators have gained access to areas that have been out of reach for years.