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Somali MPs call upon fighting clans to immediate cease fire without condition

Storyline:National News

Some of federal parliament members in Mogadishu called upon the brotherly clans fighting in Deefow locality to immediate cease fire without condition.

Mohamed Hassan (Qoono), a selected MP from Hiran region stated that it is not appropriate to shed blood at this time when central somaliaregions are hosting a reconciliation and state formation conventions.

“I am unhappy with the fighting embarked in Deefow area and we are looking for ways to cease the fighting erupted in the area. The clans should first stop the fighting and then solve their conflict at negotiating table” the MP said.

On the other hand he urged the politicians, intellectuals and elders of Hiran region to take action to ease the hostilities and tensions between the two clans.

This comes at a time when heavy fighting embarked earlier on Wednesday between two clan militias in Deefow of Hiraan region.