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SOMTEL staffer shot dead in Bakara market

Storyline:National News, Security
Somtel staffer Mohamed Maadhin (pictured) was shot dead this morning in Bakara market. Photo: handout

Armed men shot dead a staffer of the local telecommunications company, SOMTEL in Bakara market Tuesday morning before escaping.

Eye witnesses told Goobjoog News the staffer identified as Mohamed Maadhin was gunned down near Hareed Mosque in the busy Bakara market before the assailants fled the scene.

The motive of Maadhin’s killing could not be immediately established. The killing adds to increasing incidents of gun attacks in the city especially in Bakara market.

A manager from Amal Bank was shot dead last week a day after a wheelbarrow rigged with explosives blew up at the entrance of the bank headquarters in Bakara market.

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Two days later, a bus conductor was shot dead and another person killed in a blast at a junction in Bakara market. Three police officers and civilian were injured after the gunmen who are thought to have remained within the vicinity hurled a hand grenade at them as they responded.