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South Sudan: business activities in Kavuta town stops after third Somali national killed

Storyline:Business, National News

The business activities of Somali community in South Sudan especially Kavuta town has stopped after Somali businessman killed in the town last night.

Musa Hassan Abdirahman, a businessman in South Sudan speaking to Goobjoog FM said armed men waylaid a group of businessmen on board of a van from Laura town, killed Somali businessman and wounded another one, a Kenyan after opening fire.

Musa stated that the business people particularly Somalis closed their premises to show their concern of appalling attacks against Somali community.

He underlined that a committee selected from the business people in the area are preparing to take meeting with the mayor of Kavuta town earlier today to know the reason behind the repeated targets against Somali community in South Sudan. This is the third Somali national killed in the region this year according to Musa.

Musa noted that the killing against Somali community in South Sudan is similar to xenophobic attacks in South Africa as the government failed to bring to justice the perpetrators.