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South West elects 6 MPs in Baidoa today

GOOBJOOG NEWS/BAIDOA: South West elections team has today held elections for six seats in Baidoa, the capital of Bay region.

The first seat, HOP099, previously held by Deka Hussein Hassan, was won by Ahmed Madobe Nunow. Nunow received 75 votes while his rival, Abdinasir Ibrahim Adan, received 25 votes. 

HOP168 seat was clinched by Lul Ibrahim Omar after she received 86 votes while her rival, Nastexo Ahmed Nur, received 15 votes.

Abdisalam Ali Abdi was declared winner of HOP#167 seat, previously held by Mohamud Sheikh Hussein after he received 74 votes while his rival, Abdi Mohamud Mohamed, obtained 23 votes.

Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi Irow won the Hop-077 seat in the House of the People, receiving 83 votes while his rival, Abdinasir Ali Hassan received 13 votes, with one abstention.

Abdulkadir Omar Maalim won the HOP#186 seat after receiving 75 votes against his competitor Abdulkadir Adan Ali who got 25 votes. Mohamed Hussein Isaq Afarale formerly occupied the seat.

Salah Sharif Siid Ali won the Hop-261 seat in the House of the People with 90 votes, while his rival, Ismail Sharif Ali received 10 votes.