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South west MPs sworn into office

Storyline:National News

South-West state first assembly members have been sworn in, in Baidoa town. About 89 MPs were sworn in on worn copies of the Qur’an in front of the State.

The MPs lineup was revealed in a well-organized event held at Baidoa presidential palace, and attended by state’s political leadership and clan elders.

The new parliament members were selected by traditional elders of the clans who share control of South-west state.

South-west state’s new parliamentarians took oath to today and promised that they would be honest in their duty” said one elder who attended the ceremony.

The MPs will be holding their first session elect the interim assembly speaker.

It is a day that many hope will mark a new chapter for the people and leaders of the state.

The President of the South West state of Somalia, Shariff Hassan, and a delegate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Somali Federal Government, are among the high profile leaders who attended the ceremony.

President,Sharrif urged the new parliamentarians to serve the people equally, and urged the traditional elders in the region to speed up the process of selecting the remaining number of parliamentarians,

“This is a historic moment for our State, and in the coming few weeks we would like to have complete state institutions for our government.”  said Shariif.