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South west Parliament opens its 1st session

President of regional state of Southwest, Shariif Hassan Sheikh Adan has called  the house members to execute their duties well, as the first session of the assembly opened on Monday.

Speaking during the official opening of the first Session of 1st Parliament on Monday, the President assured people of Southwest of Government’s commitment in the continued rebuilding the different departments of his government.

He added: “We must not politicize or personalize the duties needed to be carried out as people of south west wait to see development.”

During his speech to the House, President Adan also specifically urged MPs to promote unity by making it a main agenda for the session.

He said People southwest should resist the temptation to seek external solutions that can be found locally.

The President called on legislators to unite in passing laws that would speed up the reform process.

South-West Regional State Parliament was inaugurated on January 19th this year in Baidoa, the capital of the South-West State. Somali Federal President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and other Somalia regional state leaders as well as representatives of the UN, the AU and IGAD attended the occasion.