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March: Key developments and Events in Interim South-West State

Storyline:National News, World

Shariif HassanThe Interim South-West State is the newest functional state in Somalia in line with the federalisation process as contemplated in the New Deal and Vision 2016. Goobjoog news is documenting key developments in march
17th November 2014: Shariif Hassan Sheikh Adan is elected as the president of the newly formed Interim South-West State which the federal government recognized as legal regional state government for Bay, Bakool and lower Shabelle regions.
4th March 2015: The president of Interim South-West State, Shariif Hassan Sheikh Adan finalizes his cabinet by appointing 5 ministers, 6 state ministers and 13 deputy ministers.
1. Fatumas Omar Abuu, Minister for Women and Family Affairs
2. Abdullahi Adan Balch, Minister for Air and Land Transport
3. Madoobe Nuunow Mohamed, Minister for Veterinary
4. Mohamud Hussein Aliyow, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources
5. Abdullahi Ahmed Mohamed, Minster for Works and Reconstruction

State minsters
1. MohamedAbdullhi Mursal, State minister for in the office of the President
2. Ahmed Abdullahi Hussein, State minister for Justice
3. Ismail Adan diriye, State minister for Finance
4. Saiida Sheikh, State Cooperation
5. Mohamed Abdi Adan, State minister for Interior and Local Government
6. Mohamed Shiekh, State minister for Security

Assistant ministers

1. Jibril Sheikh, deputy minister for Justice
2. Adan Mohamed Osman, deputy minister for Religious Affairs
3. Jibril Mohamed Adan, deputy minister for Education
4. Mohamed Hajji, deputy minister for Planning
5. Hussein Ali Haji, deputy minister for Interior and Local Government
6. Aweys Hussein Moalim, deputy minister for Agriculture
7. Ahmed Osman Ahmed, deputy minister for Energy and Petroleum
8. Aabea Aawow Suufi Hajji Afaan, deputy minister for Information
9. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, deputy minister for Higher Education
10. Adan Maamow, deputy Minister for Environment
11. Abuukar Moalim Ali, deputy minister Commerce
12. Abdikadir Noor, deputy minister for Youth and Sports
13. Mohamed Olow Gaani, deputy minister for Disable People
5th March 2015: Well-known politician, Mohamed Sayid Adan declares himself as president of the six region state which its founder, Madobe Nunow had agreed to a coalitional power sharing deal with President Shariif Hassan.
12th March 2015: At least 10 are killed after Al Shabaab gunmen storm Southwest State palace.
Southwest State President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan and other high ranking officials escape unharmed.
15th March 2015: Unidentified gunmen kill traditional elder, Bashir Hassan Abdulle (Hoshow) and two others on the outskirts of Qoryooley Town.
17th March 2015: Nine people die and 10 others are injured in road accident along Mogadishu-Afgoye road.

March 17, 2015: At least 5 people are confirmed dead and 10 others sustain injuries after Nissan Homy and lorry collide on a road that runs between Hawo Abdi and Lafole localities.
21st March 2015: At least two are killed after unknown assailants hurl grenades at them in Afgoye market according to police officer in the area.
23rd March 2015: The administration of Interim South-West State calls Afgoye residents to collaborate with their authorities as to tighten security. ISWS minister for Education Hassan Gurmad on a visit to Afgoye town urges the locals to work hand in hand with ISWS administration.
24th March 2015: The former Somalia parliament speaker Adan Mohamed Noor Aka Madobe highlights the suffering of people in Bakool region, where Alshabab has laid a yearlong siege. He says food aid intended for Bakool had been mismanaged by certain individuals.
29th March 2015: Ethiopian troops under African Union peace keeping mission return home to swap places with a new team. A fare well ceremony to see off the troops is held in Baidoa town. In attendance is the president of Interim South-West State.

29th March 2015: Leego district officer Abuukar Issack Al-Adaal says that Somali National Army (SNA) troops gunned down two robbers who set roadblocks in the area
31st March, 2015: The administration of Hudur district gives details of Al-shabab member named Bashaan Ali Hassan aka Mohamed Ali who surrendered to Somali National Army officials in Hudur town.
31st March 2015: Interim South-West State ministry for Women and Human Rights says it is unacceptable violence against women rights takes place in many areas of Lower Shabelle region.
Minister Fatuma Omar calls upon Somali people to take part in process to eradicate violence against women.