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South West State to renovate Government Hotels to Attract Tourism

Storyline:National News

curuboThe minister of Tourism and Wildlife of South West State of Somalia Omar Adan Hassan has announced plans that his ministry would renovate the former Somalia government hotels in lower Shabelle and elsewhere in the three regions to attract tourism.

He names Hotel Panaroma, Mayow and Sanguuni as some of the hotels they would put into operation in the coming months.

Former Somalia government by General Mohamed Siyad Barre which had total control over almost everything used to run state hotels across the country, those hotels stay in ruins after years of civil in Somalia, but are regarded as state properties.

On the other hand the minister cautioned against what he termed as dangerous practice of exporting wildlife to Arab countries where they would given away to Arab princes as a gift.

“We notified all ports of entry and exit to stop such illegal shipment and arrest anyone with an animal” said the minister.

He further said that they are in the process of establishing game reserves and game rangers to protect whatever small number of animals left in the country.

His ministry will also engage in awareness campaigns to public to discourage them from hunting animals.

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