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Southwest Ministry of Youth awareness drive target local youths 

Storyline:National News

The youths in Southwest State are targeted for awareness campaign by the local Ministry of Youth following large numbers of local residents flocking in to Hudur town, the capital of Bakool region.

Among the exodus of people included youths that were displaced by the drought and the capture of some towns in the region by Alshabab fighters.

“I made a two day trip to Hudur, the capital town of Bakool region with the company of an entourage made of sports officials from the regional state as well as players from Baidoa town for the main purpose of getting first hand information on the sports of the youth in the town which my Ministry is solely responsible for” said Minister of Youth Abdullahi.

Among the programs in the pipeline include football game that will take place between the local youth teams to engage them on entertainment exercise such as sports in line with the policies of the Ministry of Youth including the right to play, economic development, psychological improvement, integration and physical strength according to the Minister of Youth Abdullahi.

These programs are intended to strengthen the future of the youths.